Twi'lek Jedi


De’el is an attractive and fit albino Twi’lek that stands 1.95m tall and weighs 56kg. We wears leather straps wrapped around his arms and legs, where they attach to simple leather sandals. He keeps 2 knives attached to his arms (and a third hidden in his trousers).

Trained Skills
Deception (Scoundrel)
Gather Information (Scoundrel)
Persuasion (Scoundrel)
Stealth (Scoundrel)
Acrobatics (Jedi)
Initiative (Jedi)
Perception (Jedi)
Use the Force (Jedi)

Deflect (Jedi)
Sneak Attack (Scoundrel)
Block (Jedi)

Point Blank Shot
Weapon Proficiency (Pistols)
Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons)
Weapon Proficiency (Light Saber)
Jedi Heritage (Twi’lek racial feat) – Level 1
Force Training (with 1 extra Force power due to Jedi Heritage) – Jedi 2
Weapon Finesse – Level 3

Force Powers
Force Slam
Far Seeing
Force Disarm

Lightsaber (long handled)
Heavy blaster pistol with standard scope


De’el and his biological sister were adopted by a Twi’lek family on Ryu. His family was torn apart by slavers that took him and his sister to Tatooine. His adoptive parents were killed. De’el and his sister were split up,- but not before she was able to give him the damaged Jedi holocron that she discovered once in the family house. Her parents were given the artifact when they took in De’el from the orphanage; it was left there with De’el when he was only a new born. She overheard her parents talking about it once and managed to sneak it with her when she and her brother were taken from their home world.

Stricken with grief over loosing his sister, who he was very close to, De’el studied the holocron in secret to develop his first force powers. He became very useful to his new Hutt master by excelling in tasks that required his natural sneaky skills. He kept his Jedi powers a secret. One one mission, he was part of a team, that included a Droid assassin, that pitted him against a runaway spaceship that was escaping Tatooine. De’el realized the pilot was a Jedi. De’el was so overcome with the opportunity to escape, he turned on his team.

First, he modified the team’s ship’s targeting computer so that it’s ability to hit an escape pod was compromised. Then, he managed to isolate the Jedi and himself into an escape pod that jettisoned them to the nearest planet – where he met the rest of the current party. Unfortunately, the Jedi on board was gravely injured and was unable to survive the trip to the planet. Upon landing planetside, he sent an note to the Jedi council letting them know about the fallen Jedi – but kept the lightsaber.

In need of credits and a ship to track down his sister, he took the job offered to the party. He is bit concerned about getting caught by the Hutt, but that is only secondary to his concern for his missing adopted sister.

De’el does not know where his sister is, or who his real parents are. His holocron is not complete, but it has served him as his Jedi teacher. He has developed a hybrid style of feints and trickery into his lightsaber fighting technique that combines the light saber training information that is still accessible in the holocron with his own brand of street fighting techniques.


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