The setting is 44 ABY. That’s forty-four years after the battle of Yavin, and four decades after the second Death Star’s destruction. The Emperor came back from the dead a couple more times, each time with even more fearsome warmachines than he had before. But by the year 11, he was gone for good.

Still, there is no peace.

The Empire, once shattered into planetary fiefdoms ruled by Moffs, is now once again a unified force, and growing. And each Admiral that takes control and launches a grand new campaign earns ever more territory, resources and respect from their neighbors.

The New Republic, almost destroyed by an invasion of extra-galactic aliens, was reorganized into the Galactic Alliance. While the Republics were run by the Senate, power in the Alliance is concentrated into the Triumverate, a trio of executives with sweeping powers. This saved the galaxy during the war, but allowed a new Sith, Jacen Solo, aka Darth Caedus, to arise and assume total power. Once again, the Jedi are on the run.

The Jedi Order have fallen back to the shadows, retreating to friendly planets and loyal friends. So soon after so many wars, there was little they could do besides survive, and maybe, be in the right place at the right time.

And there are many other factions. The Confederacy, formed by Corellia, seceded from the Galactic Alliance and is now embroiled in a war with them. The Mandalorians, through the leadership of Bobba Fett, are slowly becoming an empire once again. The Hutts are transforming from widespread crime syndicate to sovereign state. And many smaller empires, states, ascendancies and confederacies have arisen, given the chance to grow while the major powers battle for supremacy. The Bothans, Black Sun, the Chiss, the Corporate Sector, the Yuuzhan Vong, Hapes Consortium.

The galaxy is torn; it’s a husk of it’s former self and past glory. But this is a time when heroes are made, alliances forged and legacies unfold.

Your characters will start off at Level 3, using the Star Wars Saga Edition rules. I’ve just bought a copy of the rulebook and Tony has the PDFs if anyone needs access to resources. Ability rolls will be 4D6, drop the lowest. Do this 7 times, and drop the lowest result. Then, assign the stats as you see fit. When it comes to items, pick weapons and armor that you’d like and seem reasonable. For anything else, have a small list of stuff you want and we’ll talk about what your character can start with. If you have a good story to back up the item, you’re more likely to get it. Not sayin, just sayin.

The era is New Jedi Order, or Legacy. They kind of overlap. Basically, almost anything outside of the Knights of the Old Republic stuff is available to you, but with modifiers depending on what time period it’s from.

House rules: How the Dark Side is handled is stupid, in my humble opinion. I’m not going to take away characters if you “fall to the Dark Side”. We’ll figure out another way for people to shift, but get penalties (and bonuses!) depending on alignment. Destiny Points have a good chance of being used, however, they will be toned down a little. No auto-pass tests, but maybe an additional die to add, or a reroll.

A little bit on how I want to run this campaign: I’m not a rules heavy kind-of guy. I see the rulebook as a malleable framework to deliver a compelling story. I’m also not going to force you guys onto rails; this is going to be a sandbox approach, where there will be two to three major plot lines you can choose to follow, as well as side plots that you can explore if you so choose. The era I picked is the very last year any official canon covers up to about 90 years later, so go wild and have fun. It’s a big blank canvas and I’m seriously stoked to see how you guys attack it!

The Galaxy is Torn

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