The Galaxy is Torn

Enter the Argo
A diverse group of charaters meet for the first time

Starting Location: Sha’lai on Vaynai

De’el, Lexie, Exra and Shurikan all met Virgil Cole, the captain of the Argo, to secure a job. The Argo is a YT-1930. In addition, the group of 4 met the ship’s Mechanic and Pilot, Samisel and Javi respectively.

The job was to track a particular Skipray Blastboat, painted in the diplomatic livery of the Galactic Alliance.

The group of 5 split up to pick up supplies and get some intel. De’el, Lexi and Ezra headed over to a casino bar, and Shurikan went for supplies.

De’el worked the bar while the ladies worked the blackjack table. The women sandwiched an unsuspecting whale and chatted him up and relieved him of his wallet. It had a Republic ID card inside and a few credits.

Meanwhile, De’el discovered that no one that encountered the passengers of the target ship could remember anything about them – anything at all. De’el discovered the ship came from the core worlds and was most likely headed back to that direction.

Around this time, Samisel called up the Lexie and let her know the authorities were on their way to the ship. The Wookie made a very large purchase of illegal weapons! Just as the doors to the Argo closed, the local enforcers showed up.

The Argo took off for space with hopes of making it past the atmosphere to make a hyperspace jump. 2 pairs of Z95 Headhunters, armed with a concussion missile each, made their way to the Argo. They were faster than the Argo.

I’ll add more later…

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